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Berkshire Pork Belly

There's a good reason our Berkshire pork belly works with so many recipes. It's rich in flavor and tender in texture, lending itself to various cooking methods — from braising to roasting to slow cooking. The versatility of our 2-pound pork belly makes it a staple in the kitchen. Switch up this cut and create savory recipes from our finest meat selection.
(2 lb.) Berkshire Pork Belly (frozen) $49.9500



Thickness in Inches

Serving Size

2 lbs. N/A 3-4 servings

NOTE: thicknesses and servings are approximate

Experience Excellence With Lobel's of New York

At Lobel's of New York, we always aim for superior quality and service. Choose us and see the difference, such as:

  • Quality meat: Our pork belly and other pork cuts are always flavorful, juicy, and supple. Our pork belly comes from Berkshire hogs that are known for their incredible taste.
  • Speedy delivery: While our pork belly cuts are delivered frozen, we ensure this does not affect the quality of our pork. Every meat cut from our selection offers top-notch taste and tenderness. 
  • Top-notch service: We take our commitment to excellence to heart. We offer highly personalized service to our customers through a seamless, remarkable shopping experience. 
  • Long-running experience: The Lobel family has provided premium-quality meat to clients for over 175 years. Our extensive experience ensures you get the exceptional quality and service you deserve.

Receive High-Quality Pork Belly

Serve it over rice, stuff it in sandwiches, or wrap it inside a homemade pita. Whatever the recipe, our Berkshire pork belly adds a savory touch to your meal. Shop now and bring this irresistible flavor to your table. 




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