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Berkshire Pork Shanks

Taste the rich flavor and extreme tenderness of these versatile cuts. This cross-cut meat from the hind leg is incredibly succulent, making it well worth the extra time it takes to prepare classic Italian dishes like osso buco pork shank. Every Berkshire pork shank offers unmatched texture and taste for a delicious dish for any season. Whether braised, roasted, or smoked low and slow, our richly marbled pork shanks provide versatility. Tasting is believing.
2 (20 oz.) Berkshire Pork Shanks $42.9500



Thickness in Inches

Serving Size

20 oz. N/A 2-3 servings

NOTE: thicknesses and servings are approximate


Lobel's of New York's Dedication to Excellence

As a family affair for more than 175 years, Lobel's of New York brings more than unparalleled meat quality for every customer. Many family members are highly involved in operations to provide a more personal service you can rely on. Our famed reputation dating back six generations also carries distinct achievements, including patents, books, and leadership positions in the industry.

As we continue to lead by example, we always make sure to:

  • Supply the freshest products for all customers
  • Provide premium meat for a remarkable dining experience
  • Hand-select, hand-cut, and vacuum-seal meat upon order placement 
  • Offer a wide variety of meat options and other specialties
  • Ensure exemplary customer service from ordering to delivery
  • Create a seamless shopping experience to ensure ultimate quality and freshness
  • Expedite delivery through FedEx overnight service 

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Lobel's of New York is your trusted supplier of the finest, freshest meat. Purchase our Berkshire pork shank today for a restaurant-style pork shank osso buco everyone will love. 




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