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All-Natural USDA Prime Short Ribs

Our all-natural USDA Prime beef short ribs will elevate your next meal to luxurious comfort as you enjoy every well-marbled and tender morsel. Cut flanken style — across the bone — they are best eaten braised, smoked, or grilled so that the slow heat can intensify the rich natural flavors.
3 (1 lb.) Natural Prime Short Ribs $129.9500



Thickness in Inches

Serving Size

1lb. N/A 2-3 servings

NOTE: thicknesses and servings are approximate

Lobel's of New York all-natural USDA Prime short ribs are also known as: 

  • All-natural USDA Prime flanken ribs
  • All-natural USDA Prime braising ribs

About Lobel's of New York All-Natural Prime Beef Short Ribs

At Lobel's of New York, we believe every meal should be as natural and flavorsome as possible. Our Natural Prime beef comprises premium cuts from cattle raised humanely in open pastures, with room to forage in a safe environment and access to fresh water and all-natural grains as supplemental feed. They consume a 100% vegetarian diet free from growth hormones and subtherapeutic antibiotics. 

No matter the cut, you can expect unsurpassed quality, rich flavor, fine texture, and tenderness. Blend comfort and luxury and enjoy a glass of fragrant red with the finest selection of Prime short ribs. 

Our commitment to uncompromising quality means our meats are always fresh, never frozen, so you can savor them at their peak — juicy, supple, and tender. We deliver them to your door ready to cook, and you can refrigerate or freeze them depending on your schedule. 

Take an American classic to the next level with Lobel's of New York all-natural USDA Prime short ribs. Create a deluxe meal you'll remember and enjoy the unique blend of quality flavors and textures. 



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Reviewed Apr 9, 2019
By Carl
Excellent! These are the BEST short ribs that I have ever prepared. They are nicely marbled.. When braised in a red wine sauce the result is a delicate fork-tender entree that is absolutely luscious. Exquisite!
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