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Veal Scaloppine

Perfectly thin and tender, our veal scaloppine offers a new way to enjoy traditional veal cutlets. Whether you choose to bread and fry each cutlet or opt for the pan-searing method, our veal scaloppine is the perfect addition to various dishes.
8 (2 oz.) Veal Scaloppine $89.9500


About Our Veal Scaloppine

Veal scaloppine offers a delicate beef flavor and a velvety texture due to the natural tenderness of the meat. The following are a few reasons why our veal scaloppine is a great addition to any plate:

  • All our veal is from milk-fed cows
  • We cut our veal scaloppine from the center of the loin
  • All meat from Lobel’s of New York is 100% fresh and never frozen
  • American-raised
  • Contains no antibiotics or hormones

While scaloppine is a lighter piece of meat, each piece delivers rich flavor. These cutlets are sliced thin by our master butchers, and we'll ensure they arrive at your door at the peak of freshness.

What Makes Our Veal Cutlets So Tender

Our veal scaloppine is so delicious because we only source our meat from humanely raised milk-fed calves. These young cows yield a more delicate, light pink meat, while older grass-fed cows often have darker red meat. Choosing milk-fed cows for our veal cutlets also ensures that the meat is perfectly tender, resulting in juicy slices you can cut through with ease.

Expand Your Culinary Possibilities With Veal Scaloppine From Lobel’s of New York

Whether you've enjoyed veal for years or this is your first time, our veal cutlets are the perfect way to experience this prized meat. With our flexible shopping options, you can enjoy a fresh veal cutlet anywhere in the U.S. Shop our selection of veal cutlets today to enjoy some of the finest meat on the market.

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Reviewed Apr 9, 2019
By Sue
Best veal ever! I prepare wienerschnitzel using Lobel\s veal scaloppine for friends who used to live in Germany. It is their favorite meal and is requested for all special occasions. I know it is the veal that makes the difference.
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Reviewed Apr 9, 2019
By Vicki
Quality Counts Over the years the taste and tenderness of meats have lost out to profit. I’m glad I finally tried Lobel’s and their meat producers where that is not the case. The veal is so tender I could cut it with a fork. This is fine dining quality. I won’t be shopping anywhere else!\n\nI also like the fact the meats are shipped unfrozen so I can repackage into my servings etc. Thank you Lobel’s!
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