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Tracklements Fresh Mint Jelly

Flecked with bits of mint leaves, this jelly has a bright, sweet-and-sour minty flavor.

Product Code
(250 g) jar Tracklements Fresh Mint Jelly $9.95


It’s the classic companion to grilled or roasted lamb. But don’t stop there—try it with pork, poultry, and seafood as well. It’s also excellent as a glaze for carrots, peas, or new potatoes. Mix with yogurt as an accompaniment to curries.

It’s versatile enough to flavor desserts, dressings, vinaigrettes, and Greek or Middle Eastern marinades.

About Tracklements
Tracklements is a regional British term meaning an accompaniment to the centerpiece of a meal. This selection of sauces—made by hand in small batches without additives, preservatives, or artificial colorings—comes from England's premier condiment manufacturer of the same name.

Raw cane sugar, cider vinegar, gelling agent: citrus pectin, organic mint (2%), lemon juice.
Gluten free.