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Wagyu Dry-Aged Boneless New York Strip Roast

This cut is also known as Wagyu aged boneless shell roast. Exquisite and tender New York strip roast is ideal for serving at parties, buffets, and family gatherings, and it's easy to prepare and carve. Every bite melts in your mouth — trust that your guests will clamor for more.
(4 lb.) Wagyu Aged Boneless Shell Roast $569.9500
(8 lb.) Wagyu Aged Boneless Shell Roast $1149.9500



Thickness in Inches

Serving Size

4 lbs. N/A 5-7 servings
8 lbs. N/A 10-14 servings

NOTE: thicknesses and servings are approximate

People also call this roast:

  • Wagyu aged boneless strip roast
  • Wagyu aged boneless shell roast
  • Wagyu aged boneless strip loin roast

About Lobel's of New York Aged Boneless Strip Roast

The shell is one side of the short loin. When you cut a hearty short loin into individual steaks, you get famed New York Strip steaks. This roast comprises a stack of New York strip steaks packed with flavor and creamy suppleness. 

Including this roast, we hand-pick our meat to satisfy our strict quality standards.

The luxuriant marbling is known for its rich, dynamic taste and supple texture. Whether you're preparing a roast for the family or entertaining guests, this cut lives up to its reputation in every way by bringing people together as they enjoy a superior-quality meal. 

When you order from Lobel's of New York, you can expect the same quality and exceptional customer service we've cultivated for over 175 years. Our master butchers hand-cut each order on the day it ships. Then, it arrives at your door fresh so that you can create the ultimate dining experience. 


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