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All-Natural Chicken Wings

Revamp your classic chicken meal with a fresher, healthier option. Go for our all-natural chicken wings that offer incredible flavor in each bite. Bake them until nice and crisp, or grill until perfectly roasted. Of course, our chicken wings are also perfect for your deep-fried recipes. Each 2-pound package comes with eight wings that are whole three-piece sections.
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(2 lbs.) All-Natural Chicken Wings $28.9500



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Serving Size

2 lbs. N/A 4 average servings

NOTE: thicknesses and servings are approximate

Fresh, Healthy Options From Lobel's of New York

The Lobel family has been in the meat business for over 175 years. We've seen trends and made our own. Our patents and numerous books solidified our reputation as a leader and innovator in the industry. As a trusted name in the world of meat, we continuously commit to quality products and services. Buy your poultry and other meats from us, and you'll see the difference, such as:

  • An all-natural poultry selection: Our chickens are humanely raised in the open environment and fed with all-natural grains. They are free from artificial additives, flavor enhancers, and preservatives. 
  • Premium meat: We only supply the highest-quality poultry products and other meat cuts. Freshness is always part of our standard requirements to ensure an unrivaled dining experience. 
  • A more personal approach: As a family of master butchers, we work hand in hand with our customers to provide them with a service like no other. Trust us for recommendations about the best cut or any cooking tips. 

Purchase These All-Natural Chicken Wings Online

Serve this flavorful main at your next gathering, and it will surely be a new favorite. Buy our all-natural whole chicken wings here. 


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