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All-Natural Ground Chicken Breast

There's no need to compromise on quality, taste, juiciness, and tenderness when you want to eat healthier or savor a meat beyond beef, pork, and seafood. Chicken breast from Lobel's of New York delivers it all, right to your doorstep.
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(1 lb. packages) Ground Chicken Breast $21.9500


What's Different About Our All-Natural Grounded Chicken Breast?

We start with our all-natural chicken, ground to perfection by our master butchers. This chicken comes exclusively from farming partners who use only humane practices. They practice pasture raising, which produces better-tasting meat and is also kinder to the planet. Our strict guidelines ensure the poultry is free of subtherapeutic antibiotics and growth hormones for the healthiest possible consumption.

Our ground chicken is flavorful and versatile, so you can enjoy it in many classic recipes. Treat your friends and loved ones to a different family favorite with Chicken Provençal burgers, or try the ground meat as an alternate stuffing for mushroom caps, peppers, and more.


Why Trust Lobel's of New York?

For over 175 years, the Lobel family has hand-selected only the finest quality chicken breasts for our customers. We grind them to order and ship them the same day. Our meats are never frozen, so they arrive to you at the peak of freshness and taste.

Six generations of Lobels share a proud family tradition of commitment to artisanship and innovation. We back these values with our customer satisfaction guarantee and superior service.


Order All-Natural Ground Chicken for Home Delivery

Lobel's of New York's online storefront is your key to home-delivered quality nationwide. Order today for fast shipment or contact us for more details.




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