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All-Natural Chicken Breast Strips

There's nothing quite like the taste of premium chicken breast seasoned and cooked to perfection. You can enjoy all the flavor, tenderness, and juiciness of the meat while knowing the lean protein is a healthier lifestyle choice.
(1 lb.) Chicken Breast Strips $21.9500


About Our All-Natural Strips of Chicken Breast

Each all-natural boneless skinless chicken strip is masterfully cut from our carefully sourced chicken breasts. We work only with farmers who prioritize open-pasture practices. Humanely raising the poultry in open pastures is eco-friendly and allows the birds to consume natural diets that enrich the meat's taste. Additionally, our farming partners never feed their chickens subtherapeutic antibiotics or growth hormones, so the protein is also healthier to consume.

Give your next special dinner occasion a twist of Southwestern flair by preparing stove-top chicken fajitas, or warm up a chilly evening with Thai-inspired chicken and rice soup. Our strips create dining experiences worth savoring regardless of how you prepare them.


Why Order Chicken Breast Strips From Lobel's of New York?

Lobel's of New York is synonymous with quality and has been for over 175 years. Our master butchers' expertise has resulted in several patents, numerous books, and a reputation for exceptional customer service.

We carefully hand-select and pack your never-frozen order the same day we ship it. You receive nothing less than the freshest meat possible, delivered straight to your home and ready to prepare.


Buy Our All-Natural Boneless Chicken Breast Strips Today

Our master butchers deliver unparalleled quality and taste by leveraging over six generations of family expertise. Shop all of our premium quality chicken selections and schedule your delivery. You can also connect with us for assistance.




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