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Ground Lamb

Take your standard burger to the next level by using ground lamb meat from Lobel's of New York.
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(1 lb.) package Ground Lamb $26.9500


About Our Ground Lamb Meat

Ground lamb is a versatile meat with a complex flavor profile. Because it's made from meat and trimmings from various parts of the lamb, ground lamb has a distinct and unique flavor that enhances burgers, meatballs, shepherd's pie, Greek and Middle Eastern cuisines, and other dishes.

Lobel's of New York sources and prepares only the best ground lamb, so our customers get high-quality products every time. Our ground lamb meat is fresh, never frozen, for a meaty and juicy flavor.

Savor High-Quality Ground Lamb With Lobel's of New York

Lobel's of New York has over 175 years of experience delivering the highest quality standards in fresh meats. We prepare your ground lamb the day it's shipped to ensure maximum freshness. Your ground lamb arrives at your door fresh, and you can refrigerate or freeze it to use later.

Our master butchers prepare ground lamb meat from all muscle cuts of young lambs, such as the shanks, breast, neck, flank, rib, loin, leg, and shoulder. The result is meat with a mild yet distinguished flavor. We also include some intramuscular fat to make your prepared meat tender and juicy.

Explore Our Selection of Ground Lamb Meat Online Today

Ground lamb from Lobel's of New York is a flavorful alternative to ground beef. Enhance your dishes with our high-quality fresh meat cuts.




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