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Ground Lamb Patties

Ground lamb has a robust flavor that stands out in your burger and meatball dishes, whether you add spices and herbs or enjoy this juicy cut on its own.
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2 (8 oz.) Ground Lamb Patties $26.9500


About Our Lamb Burger Patties

Our lamb burgers are ground using all the muscle cuts in a young lamb, resulting in a meaty and flavorful cut. Lamb patties also have a good fat content to make your meat dish juicy.

The versatility of ground lamb makes it easy to use in myriad dishes. Our ground lamb patties come pre-shaped, ready to put on the grill for a juicy burger, season and shape into meatballs, or use in your Middle Eastern or Greek dishes.

Enjoy High-Quality Lamb Patties From Our Master Butchers

Lobel's of New York has over 175 years of experience sourcing, preparing, and delivering only the best lamb burger patties to customers throughout the United States. Our ground lamb patties and all of our meat cuts are kept fresh and never frozen to ensure you receive a high-quality product.

Our master butchers prepare your lamb burgers the day they are shipped to maintain our impeccable quality standards. Your lamb patties arrive at your doorstep fresh and can be refrigerated to use soon or frozen to use later.

Order Lamb Burger From Lobel's of New York Today

The beef burger is tried and true, so bring an unexpected flavor to your dish with the finest lamb burgers from Lobel's of New York.




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