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Lobel's Wrangler™ USDA Prime Pot Roast

Lobel's Wrangler™ USDA Prime Pot Roast takes this comfort-food classic to new heights.
(4 lb.) Lobels Wrangler(TM) USDA Prime Pot Roast $109.9500


The cut is extracted from the forequarter using an exclusive process patented by the Lobels to yield a cut that is rich with flavor and the ultimate in tenderness.

This cut is at its best when slowly braised with aromatic vegetables to supple, robust perfection. It’s the kind of dish that elicits a communal “ahh” at the family dinner table when all seems right with the world.

For a great way to prepare Lobel's Wrangler™ USDA Prime Pot Roast check out this recipe.

About Lobel's USDA Prime Beef
Of all the beef produced in the U.S., only 2% is certified prime grade by the USDA. From that small amount, the Lobels choose only the top 2% of high prime—you just can't get any better than that. 
Our USDA prime beef comes from the very finest corn-fed cattle the Midwest has to offer.

About Lobel's Family-Cut Favorites
Lobel's has always been known for delivering the highest standards of uncompromising quality, giving our customers the utmost in flavor, tenderness, and juiciness—no matter which cut you choose. Lobel's Family-Cut Favorites are our way of drawing attention to a range of products that are favorites with us and our customers.

They are cuts that offer the same famous Lobel's quality, but at prices that deliver great value and a great taste experience at the same time. Some of these products are all-time classics, while other cuts may be new to you.

Each of these selections represents great bang for the buck without skimping on quality or pleasure. Lobel’s Family-Cut Favorites are your opportunity to learn what insiders already know: You can experience the very finest meat selections—no matter what your budget.



Thickness in Inches

Serving Size

4 lbs. N/A 6-8 servings

NOTE: thicknesses and servings are approximate



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Reviewed by 8 Customers
Reviewed Jun 2, 2021
By David
Superb pot roastSucculent fall apart tender pot roast. None better. Definitely in another class of texture and flavor from typical grocery fare.
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Reviewed Dec 18, 2020
By Andrea
OMG!!This was so amazing, it almost defies description. The best pot roast EVER! And it cooked from frozen to done in the Instant Pot in 90 minutes. The only problem was that there was very little left over, and everyone fought over it for lunch the next day. The winner declared that it was even better than it had been the night before. As if that was even possible!
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Reviewed Apr 9, 2019
By Susan
Incredible Pot Roast I\ve been ordering these roasts for a few years and absolutely nothing can compare to their tenderness and deep rich beefy flavor. Highly recommend.
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Reviewed Apr 9, 2019
Sunday Pot Roast A pot roast on a cold Sunday afternoon is a delicious meal and this Wrangler meat is the best I have found for flavor.
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Reviewed Apr 9, 2019
By Greg
Wonderful choice for pot roast This is a great piece of meat for stove top braising. The 4lb slab had the same consistency \nthroughout unlike the beef chuck roasts I buy in my area. Everyone at the table was surprised how good this piece of meat was. I have ordered a 2nd one recently.
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Reviewed Apr 9, 2019
By Sandra
Amazing Roast Absolutely fall apart tenderness and taste is outstanding . Thank you for such great products. Customer for life now !!!!
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Reviewed Apr 9, 2019
By Lou
From a Non Roast Beef Person That’t Right. Having pot roast every Sunday while growing up I have not really liked it until now. We invited four others to share “The Pot Roast” and it was hands down meat anyone had ever had. I followed Lobel’s Recipe put added a couple pounds of fingerling potatoes 30 minutes before done. The meat was perfect tender. And the taste could not have been better. Thank you Lobels.
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Reviewed Apr 9, 2019
By Howard
Wrangler Roast Champion I have made at least a half dozen Wrangler Roasts and they have all been extraordinary tender flavorful and the best cut for slow cooking roast.
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