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Butterflied Lamb Rib Chop

Butterflied rib lamp chop is a tender and succulent cut with a bone-side hinge for even cooking and more flavor impact. Each 6-ounce chop makes one serving.
4 (6 oz.) Butterflied Lamb Rib Chop $159.9500



Thickness in Inches

Serving Size

6 oz. 1/4 - 1/2 1 serving

NOTE: thicknesses and servings are approximate

About Our Butterflied Rib Lamb Chop

Our butterflied lamb rib chops are taken from the rib section for the optimal balance of meat to fat. The delicate meat is tender, and the marbling provides a natural, juicy flavor.

These meaty chops are ideal for quick sautéing, stuffing, roasting, or grilling to make the chop tender with a caramelized crust. Enhance the lamb's natural flavors with herbs and spices like mint, thyme, garlic, or rosemary.

What Makes Butterflied Lamb Rib Chop High Quality

Lobel's of New York has over 175 years of experience sourcing and delivering the highest-quality meats to customers across the United States. We maintain our commitment to excellence by:

  • Keeping our butterflied lamb rib chops fresh and never freezing them.
  • Preparing orders the day they are shipped for the freshest cut.
  • Delivering your butterflied lamb rib chop to your door fresh and ready to use.

Our master butchers cut butterflied lamb rib with a double-cut chop, hinging the meat near the bones to hold the chop together. You can refrigerate your chops to use soon or freeze them to save for later.

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Shop butterflied lamb rib chop from Lobel's of New York to get the highest-quality and best-tasting meat for your lamb recipes.



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Reviewed Apr 9, 2019
By Donald R
What a delightful treat!!!! My wife was born and raised in South Africa and after receiving her degree in Nursing she migrated to Australia.....Both countries love their lamb but my wife was quick to tell me that the Butterflied Lamb Rib Chops from Lobel\s was the best she had ever tasted...I have to agree....That\s why we reordered along with a Thanksgiving Turkey Rack of Lamb & Cranberry Sauce.....We\re looking forward to having our first Lobel\s Brothers Thanksgiving dinner......
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