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All-Natural USDA Prime Flat Iron Steak

Flat iron steaks are making a significant comeback in restaurants, particularly for their consistency in tenderness and rich flavor. These cuts come from the shoulder muscle or top blade of the chuck and often rival premium-grade steaks for their ease of cutting. Home chefs prefer flat iron steaks because they're economical for entrees or sandwiches without sacrificing quality or taste.
4 (8 oz.) Natural Prime Flat Iron Steaks $109.9500



Thickness in Inches

Serving Size

8 oz. N/A 1 average serving

NOTE: thicknesses and servings are approximate

Why Buy USDA Prime Flat Iron Steak From Lobel's of New York?

For over 175 years, Lobel's of New York has prided itself on superior quality backed by the industry's top customer service. We're a family-owned business with six generations of butchers who uphold the values and traditions that have made us a world-renowned company.

Other benefits that make us stand out include:

  • Exceptional quality: Our master butchers pick our steaks from the top 2% of beef graded as High-Prime by the USDA. We source all our meat from vegetarian-fed cattle in stress-free environments throughout the American Midwest.
  • Peak freshness: We hand-cut each steak the same day we ship it to ensure maximum freshness. Because we never freeze our meat, there's no thawing requirement.
  • Superior customer service: We provide the highest service levels to each customer, from world-class recipes and order discounts to expedited shipping and expert guidance.

Purchase All-Natural Flat Iron Steak Today

If you want to enjoy the superb flavor and tenderness of our all-natural flat iron steaks, order your cuts today for speedy delivery to your doorstep. We offer overnight delivery for most products across all 50 states. Feel free to contact us with questions or requests for additional information.




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